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Digitalization is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. The shift to digital affects company structures and processes, and creates new procedures and interfaces. Becoming a digital organization requires more than just digital investment. It calls for building leadership capabilities to envision and drive the transformation. The transformation to a diverse, digital organization entails a big cultural shift, one in which leaders will be key actors, who promote disruption and innovation and create dialogue across an organization using the skills and opportunities of digital influence.

Researching Leadership Solutions

The LeadershipGarage research program analyzes how leaders can be most effective in meeting the challenges and expanding the opportunities of the modern, digitally-connected work environment and a networked organization.

  • Digital Preparedness – How well are leaders prepared for their changing tasks in the digital world?
  • Digital Leadership – How can the successful leader engage human, psychological, and social factors in the digitally networked world?
  • Digital Collaboration – How can a future-oriented collaborative working culture be developed and maintained within the organization?

The LeadershipGarage seeks theoretical understanding and effective tools and practices for leadership success. It is developing a new predictive model that adapts existing leadership theories to identify the characteristics and skills that will make leaders succeed in the digitized present and future.

The LeadershipGarage Research Group

The LeadershipGarage is an academic collaboration based at the H-STAR Institute at Stanford University and the Institute of Performance Mangement at Leuphana University of Lüneburg with business partners Airbus, AOK, the German Federal Employment Agency, Continental, Deloitte, Deutsche Bahn, Questback, Telefonica, Telekom and Volkswagen. This co-creation between partners who bring different expertise, knowledge, and backgrounds enables value-added collaboration and innovation.