Leadership in the Digital World

Innovative, Collaborative, Data-Driven

Reshaping the Workplace

Companies Need New Digital Culture – Today’s workplace is being transformed by new technologies, creating the need for an innovative, digitally focused company culture. Leaders must be equipped to drive this change and enable employees to successfully navigate digital transformation.

Connecting Theory to Practice – Creating a successful innovation culture requires both scientific research and practical experience. The LeadershipGarage brings together university researchers and business experts in order to study the success factors of the modern digital workplace.

Leadership Research, Garage Atmosphere – By capturing the innovative, agile atmosphere of start-up garages, the LeadershipGarage enables leaders to share and cultivate ideas together. Networking and knowledge sharing are key to preparing for new challenges.

Jumpstarting Companies’ Digital Future – The LeadershipGarage jumpstarts the future of companies by enabling leaders to empower their workforce and create a forward-thinking digital culture.

Changing Leadership Culture

For over five years, the LeadershipGarage has researched and navigated the digital transformation with its partners, and generated useful knowledge at the intersection of science and practice that helps companies to successfully master their digital transformation. As a result, it is clear that, even over all technical requirements, success needs a new digital company culture in which leaders play a central role. The LeadershipGarage focuses on leaders and provides them with appropriate concepts and tools in order to guide processes and employees to a future-ready company culture.

The LeadershipGarage itself has a unique atmosphere reflecting the spirit of the start-ups and garage-pioneers of Silicon Valley, in which networking and knowledge-sharing are natural success factors.

Getting to know the LeadershipGarage

The LeadershipGarage is an academic collaboration space based at the H-STAR Institute at Stanford University and the Institute of Performance Mangement at Leuphana University of Lüneburg with business partners. This co-creation between partners who bring different expertise, knowledge, and backgrounds enables value-added collaboration and innovation.

The LeadershipGarage research program analyzes how leaders can be most effective in meeting the challenges and expanding the opportunities of the modern, digitally-connected work environment and a networked organization.

The LeadershipGarage seeks theoretical understanding and effective tools and practices for leadership success.

Take a look inside the LeadershipGarage and some of the topics that drive us. The LeadershipGarage team researches real-world challenges, in order to provide tools and solutions to leaders. We bring innovation from Silicon Valley garages to European companies in order to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of digitalization.

The LeadershipGarage Experience

The LeadershipGarage Experience “Inside Silicon Valley” is an expert symposium in the heart of digital progression, Silicon Valley. The structured multi-day intensive program analyzes the challenges of the digital future. Thought leaders will discuss their latest research findings on innovation in the digital workplace of the future, as well as the success factors for growth and innovation in the digital age. Participants will get inspiration for the successful management of digital transformation, and have the opportunity to network with company representatives, scientists, and digital entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and Germany.

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Take part in the LeadershipGarage Experience to get the spirit of Silicon Valley while learning about the changes that digitalization brings to the workforce.

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History of Silicon Valley (Podcast)

Keith Devlin

Keith Devlin is an emeritus mathematician at Stanford University, author, and well known as the “Math Guy” from NPR’s Weekend Edition, a recurring American public radio program.

In this recording he gives a concise history of Stanford University and the factors that it took to create Silicon Valley’s ecosystem during a lecture for the LeadershipGarage’s “Inside Silicon Valley Symposium”.

Research to Knowledge to Impact

It is becoming increasingly urgent for companies to build a functioning innovation culture, increase their innovation performance, and build innovative networks. Based on LeadershipGarage research executives are systematically taught the elements of an innovation culture and get the tools and techniques to become a more effective leader and change agent.

Leaders focus on sharing, learning, and growing with international partners and leverage the newest collaboration technologies allowing people to connect constructively and seamlessly. They make transatlantic connections which help them to dive into a topic and continue growing together, regardless of physical locations.

The program challenges leaders to turn theoretical knowledge into impact in their organizations while contributing to research on the most challenging factors of modern leadership.

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Your company’s mindsets in relation to different sectors and in comparison to the Manager Barometer dataset

LeadershipGarage Indexes

Our benchmark studies offer a comparative overview of important facets of modern leadership such as companies’ digital culture and an understanding of how they view innovation, performance, and leadership tasks in a digital environment.

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Getting to know the Culture of Innovation

Prof. Larry Leifer shares some insights into team performance and innovation with Prof. Sabine Remdisch, director of the LeadershipGarage.

Digital Leadership Lab

We have created an innovative Lab to provide leaders exposure to the technologies that will shape tomorrow. The Digital Leadership Lab aims to prepare executives for digital leadership and a digital leadership culture. The Lab is based on the research of the LeadershipGarage, which examines how executives can effectively operate in a modern, digitally networked work environment and shape their environment accordingly. The latest scientific findings are used to develop leaders as drivers of digital innovation. The Digital Leadership Lab offers hands-on experience with a number of digital services and devices.

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Lab Partners

Partners: Large Enterprises

Partners: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch
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Leading the LeadershipGarage

I spend a lot of my time in Silicon Valley, learning from the entrepreneurial spirit, the culture of innovation, the internationality of the environment, and collaborating with successful startups and market leaders.

In the LeadershipGarage, which I founded in 2014, we put research to practical use. Our “garage” for digital leadership operates at both Stanford University and Leuphana University Lüneburg. We work together with exciting companies as their partner for the digital future, and create networks between universities and companies.

This is how knowledge leads to performance.

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